Fitflop Sale April 2017

Fitflop Sale Penang April 2017

Date: 20 April – 23 April 2017
Time: 10:00am – 8:00pm
Venue: Straits Quay Event Hall, 1st Floor, Penang

Fitflop Sale Penang April 2017
Fitflop Sale Penang April 2017

Fitflop Malaysia is running Fitflop Sale in Penang. This Fitflop promotion is valid from 20 – 23 April 2017, 10am – 8pm at Straits Quay Event Hall, 1st Floor Penang. Treat yourself with comfy pair of footwear in this Fitflop sale.

Limited Fitflop promo items available. Fitflop promo items is based on first come first serve basis, while stock last.

Terms and conditions apply.

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About Fitflop Malaysia

At Fitflop Malaysia, we believe that for a better shoe to really be cool, it’s got to be comfortable.

8 years ago, when Fitflop Malaysia first put precision ergonomics under a set of sporty looking flip flop straps, the only rules Fitflop followed were dictated by expert biomechanists Dr Dave Cook and Dr Darren James, who had created the FitFlop™ multi-density Microwobbleboard midsole. It was ‘sportygorgeous’ on top and ergonomically engineered underneath. And women absolutely loved it.

And so Fitflop realised that the really cool shoes (or sandals, or boots, or clogs) are the ones you wear until they fall apart, that look good with everything, the shoes that are so comfortable they call your name from the closet, the lived-in ones you love so much you can’t bear to ‘bin’ them. Fitflop shoes with that same perfect combination of beauty, brains and top-notch biomechanics. Of logic and magic. Fitflop make them. And they – in turn – make Fitflop.

Because at FitFlop, Fitflop Malaysia always believed – even before it was the trendy topic – that while it’s great to look good, what makes a shoe REALLY COOL is being COMFORTABLE.

Fitflop Malaysia focus is still on delivering the best in biomechanics, but now also in clogs, shoes, boots, sneakers and loafers, so our customers can feel the FitFlop effect any and every ‘wear’.