Gong Cha Promotion Friday Deal May 2019

Gong Cha Promotion Friday Deal May 2019
Gong Cha Promotion Friday Deal May 2019

Date: 3 May 2019
Time: Gong Cha outlets opening hours
Venue:All Gong Cha outlets in Malaysia

Gong Cha Malaysia is celebrating Gong Cha Promotion 8th Anniversary Deal May 2019.

Make your Friday a “FRI-YAY” with Gong Cha Malaysia 8th Anniversary celebration, coming up on 3rd May! Get your Gong Cha for only RM5 at Gong Cha outlets.

Mark down your calendar, share & tag your friends for Gong Cha Promotion Friday Deal. Be there.

About Gong Cha

Gong Cha 貢茶 is a popular bubble tea chain that was established in Kaohsiung, Taiwan in 2006, and since 2009, has since swept Malaysia’s neighbouring countries – Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Macau and The Philippines – by storm. Should Malaysia miss out on a chance to experience high-quality, freshly brewed beverages? We certainly don’t think so!

The term “gong cha” is translated as the ancient act of offering tea to royalty, such as the Emperor of China. In the same way, Gong Cha hopes to offer only the best quality tea to everyone around the world- because you, our customer, is like royalty to us!

Gong Cha Products

Gong Cha only uses high-quality tea leaves that are brewed fresh on a daily basis. We’re so adamant on using only the freshest brewed tea that we change it every 4 hours! Our high-grade ultraviolet filters also ensure that the water used is free from harmful bacteria.

What do we serve at Gong Cha? We encourage every to start with the Gong Cha Signature Tea. Freshly brewed green, black, Oolong or melon tea is topped with a generous, creamy layer of fresh milk foam. And there are 3 ways for you to enjoy this drink!

TEA first or Milk first? Don’t be perplunked by unnecessary dilemma. Try the beverage three ways!

  1. Milk Moustache
    Without stirring, sip the tea from the top layer of milk foam to get a creamy, satisfying mouthful of the flavour of fresh milk accentuated by the more complex flavours of the tea.
  2. Tea Off
    Without stirring, sip the tea from the bottom with a straw to savour the complexity and freshness of the tea.
  3. All In One
    For the best of both worlds, stir both layers together and drink up!