How to read voucher

Why need to know voucher

In Malaysia, it is popular and common when you receive a voucher either in the format of gift voucher, rebate voucher or promotion voucher. You are able to buy a voucher with a discount price at certain marketplace sites. Sometimes somebody decides to let out their vouchers in hand and put up on sale in the website. To better understanding the vouchers, below list out the important things you need to know to read a voucher.

Voucher elements to know

Expire date:  Almost all vouchers include expiration date on them.  The voucher can be redeemed within stated expires date period. The different validity periods are used by stores to better align their promotions plans. By only allowing their vouchers to be redeemed for a select period of time, the stores can manage the volume and decided whether to offer that same voucher again or if they need to try other promotion.

Gift voucher AEON Malaysia
Gift voucher

Store name: All vouchers come with the issuers’ name. Like my example is Aeon stores. You need to check if the vouchers are available in specific location or throughout Malaysia Aeon stores. The terms and conditions here show that this Aeon voucher allows holders to redeem goods at any of the Aeon Co (M) (126926-H) outlet.

Type of vouchers: There are different type of vouchers used by stores to differentiate their purpose of promotion like gift voucher, rebate voucher, promotion voucher and others. Gift vouchers usually are purchased as a gift to employees, friends and family for them to use that value to buy the things they like at the stores. It works like a cash voucher except it can’t redeem as cash. Rebate voucher usually given as a rewards for customer member card/loyalty program/store Member Rebate program, while the promotion voucher is a promotional techniques to attract customers by the stores.

Voucher value:  The value of the voucher tells you how much your voucher is worth. That’s the amount of the reduction you will receive at the register. Most of the voucher value issued in the Malaysia comes with denomination of RM5, RM10, RM20, RM50 and RM100.

Voucher bar code: The barcode is a tool to help the store speed up the redemption process by scanning the value into the computer. With voucher barcode, stores able to manage the vouchers effectively.

gift voucher terms and conditions
Gift voucher terms and conditions

Knowing how to read vouchers, and understand the language on your vouchers, is key to being able to use them in the correct way and effectively to your advantages. Always check Malaysia sales and combine with vouchers to achieve great deals in deals Malaysia.