Malaysia Sale #MYCYBERSALE 2016


#MYCYBERSALE is Malaysia’s Largest Online Sale Event, an online shopping event that gathers Malaysia’s popular online retailers selling at the same period with great deals and significant discounts on products & services and free shipping from participating retailers.  It is resembles to China’s Alibaba Nov 11’s Singles’ Day shopping spree and  Cyber Monday Sale in the U.S. Both of these days are the largest online shopping days with most of online spending at respective country.

Date: 26 Sept – 30 Sept 2016
Time: 24 hours
Venue: Online Shopping

#MYCYBERSALE is organized by Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) and supported by Kementerian Perdagangan Dalam Negeri, Koperasi Dan Kepenggunaan (KPDNKK), CyberSecurity Malaysia and SME Corp. Malaysia, Ministry of Health and MATRADE.

#MYCYBERSALE initiative aims to boost deals Malaysia e-Commerce industry through these objectives:

  • To generate online shopping demand from consumers;
  • To encourage SMEs to adopt eCommerce in their businesses;
  • To increase domestic revenue of eCommerce

First started on year 2014, this year 2016 is the third year running of Malaysia’s largest online sale event, #MYCYBERSALE. Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) targeted to achieve RM 200 million in sales. #MYCYBERSALE 2016 will be held over the period of 5 days starting from 26th September 2016 to 30th September 2016.

This year’s Malaysia sale will witness the largest number of participating merchants compared to the past two sale events. With over 600 merchants, #MYCYBERSALE has made its way into the Malaysian Book Records for the ‘Most participating online merchants in an online sale event’. The deals Malaysia event will also see participation from major international brands such as UNIQLO, Giordano, Kinokuniya, Levi’s and Dell amongst many others.

#MYCYBERSALE 2015 recorded RM 117.7mil in Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV), a massive 75 per cent increase from 2014. For the very first time, #MYCYBERSALE 2016 will have all four Malaysian airlines (Malaysia Airlines, FireFly, Air Asia, Malindo) and even pharmaceutical companies participating.

Enhanced shopping experience

#MYCYBERSALE 2016 will see the emergence of a few innovations in the deals Malaysia eCommerce space. For the very first time, this year’s MYCYBERSALE will have two mobile wallet providers participating – MOLWallet (by MOLPay) and MPAY Wallet (by ManagePay Berhad). Another new product featured in this Malaysia sale would be MOL Cash where buyers without credit cards can pay for their selected items using cash, at the nearest 7-Eleven and Petronas outlet.

Additionally, this year’s Malaysia sale MYCYBERSALE 2016 will also witness the emergence of half mile delivery from partners like PostCo, Popbox and Inpost. Half mile delivery allow customers have their items sent to collection points that are nearby to be collected. Customers no longer need to worry about receiving their order at home or office when they are not around. #MYCYBERSALE 2016 will also have three new players, Zepto Express, Matdespatch and Dego, offering door to door delivery on the same day.