Tealive Promotion April 2017 Buy 1 FREE 1

Tealive Buy 1 FREE 1 Promotion April 2017

Date: NOW – 30 April 2017
Time: Tealive outlets opening hours
Venue: Tealive outlets nationwide

Tealive Buy 1 Free 1 promotion 2017
Tealive Buy 1 Free 1 promotion

Tealive Malaysia is offering Buy 1 Free 1 Promotion for Tealive beverage. This Tealive promotion is exclusively for myMaxis user only. Simply log in your MyMaxis deals to enjoy Buy 1 FREE 1 Tealive beverage. Tealive promotion applicable for all Tealive outlets nationwide. This offer is valid until 30 April 2017.

Terms and conditions apply.
Available at Tealive outlets nationwide while stock last.

Terms and conditions

1. Do not click “REDEEM NOW” before you claim your voucher at Tealive outlet, otherwise the promo code can not be retrieved and Tealive /Maxis will not able to provide a replacement code.
2. Customers are required to present MyMaxis app voucher upon purchase
3. One voucher is limited to one redemption only
4. Offer is only valid for on time usage only per customer during the offer period. This offer is not valid with other ongoing promotion or delivers
5. FREE drink only applies to lower or equal value of RM6.50 only inclusive 6% GST
6. First cup must be purchase at the full price
7. Valid at Tealive outlets nationwide
8. Limited vouchers available, while stock last

Tealive Menu

Tealive Tea – Signature Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea, Original Pearl Milk Tea, Classic Roasted Milk Tea with Grass Jelly, Tealive Hazelnut Milk Tea, Horlicks Milk Tea, Earl Grey Pearl Milk Tea, Red Bean Pearl Milk Tea, Genmaicha Milk Tea, Jasmine Flowering Milk Tea, Tealive Kungfu Oolong Milk Tea, Caramel Milk Tea, Vanilla Milk Tea, Layered Imperial Black Tea Latte, Layered Tie Guanyin Tea Latte, Tealive Milk Tea (Original/Classic Roasted), Wintermelon Tea with Grass Jelly (Milk-free), Lemon Wintermelon Tea (Milk-free), Tealive Fresh Brew Teas – Earl Grey, Genmaicha, Kungfu Oolong, Tie Guanyin, Imperial Black, Jasmine Flower (Milk-free)

Tealive Coco – Tealive Superior Coco, Tealive Hazelnut Coco, Layered Coco Latte, Horlicks Malty Coco, Tealive Strawberry Coco, Coco Smoothies with Oreo Cookie Pieces

Tealive Coffee – Iced Shaken Cham, Tealive Signature Iced Shaken Coffee, Tealive Coffee Smoothies, Americano, Wake-me-up Latte, Tealive Cocoa Mocha, pecialty Latte (Vanilla/Hazelnut/Caramel)

Tealive Smoothies – Strawberry Pudding Smoothies, Tealive Signature Passion Fruit Smoothies, Tealive Mango Smoothies, Peach Smoothies, Horlicks Malty Smoothies

Tealive Sea Salt Cheese – Kungfu Oolong Tea with Sea Salt Cheese, Imperial Black Tea with Sea Salt Cheese, Tealive Superior Cocoa with Sea Salt Cheese, Tealive Americano with Sea Salt Cheese

Tealive Matcha – Tealive Japanese Matcha Milk Tea with Red Bean, Layered Japanese Matcha Tea Latte, Japanese Matcha with Sea Salt Cheese, Tealive Japanese Matcha Smoothies with Red Bean

Tealive Fruit Tea – Tealive Signature Passion Fruit Green Tea, Tealive Carribean Mixed Fruit Tea, Tealive Grapefruit Chia Tea Booster, Tealive Mango Chia Tea Booster, Tealive Lemonade Green Tea, Tealive Honey Green Tea

Tealive Sparkling Juice – Tealive Sparkling Honey Lemon with Aloe Vera, Sparkling Iced Plum Cooler, Sparkling Mango with QQ Jelly, Sparkling Grapefruit with QQ jelly, Tealive Sparkling Lemonade with QQ Jelly, Sparkling Lychee with QQ Jelly, Tealive Sparkling Passion Fruit with QQ Jelly, Sparkling Peach with QQ Jelly

With multiple Tealive menu for selection, Tealive is a choice of drinks for everybody in daily drinks. Multiple of type, multiple of taste, multiple of selection, and available for delivery, just place a call for Tealive delivery. Tealive ingredients is from mixture of international and local products. All Tealive ingredients are certified halal by Jakim or authorities approved by Jakim.

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About Tealive Malaysia

Tealive Malaysia offers a variety of drinks under the categories of Tea, Coco, Coffee, Smoothies, Sea Salt Cheese, Matcha, Fruit Tea, and Sparkling Juice. Tealive signature products are Signature brown sugar pearl milk tea, Roasted Milk Tea with Handmade Pearls (Sweet Potato), Signature Passion Fruit Green Tea, and Grapefruit Chia Tea Booster.